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Our Customers want to know about you! Please visit our Products page to view our selection of test kits and learn about the Rapid Drug Screen System.

TestExpress has developed a network of Clinics, Nurses and Customers to create an informal cooperative wherein you, as a registered nurse, can request information on clinics and potential customers in your local area for the purpose of assisting them with their on site drug testing program.

If you would like to join our network, to be called on to assist our customers with on site testing, just fill out and send the short form below.

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Screening for: Pre-Employment, Temporary Employee, Reasonable Cause, Security, Random Testing,
Post Accident Testing, Pre-Counseling Sessions, Remote Site Testing/Rural Locations
TestExpress On Site DNA Testing Kits - Guaranteed Results within 48 hours - paternity and prenatal DNA tests,
DNA tests for children's identification - the ultimate in child safety and recovery